‘Love Letters to Water,’ anthology wants to bring forward various points of view and enhance the importance of how we behave vis-à-vis water.

Proceeds from sales will be donated to Garden for Education and Healing Orphanage, Bamenda, Cameroon. They need a new water solar pump and reservoir.

Water scarcity is a known issue for billions of people around the world and latest research has predicted that this crisis will only get worse. Based on decades of research, we now know that water has memory, water is alive, it could be happy and sad, structured and unstructured. Humanity has lost its way in dealing with nature and especially with its most important element, water.

Since the creation of earth, water and crystals have weaved their paths into a billion-year-long tapestry that has captured the cycles of nature’s evolution. Water has observed the appearance of humans and their troubled, but fascinating development, and the energies and vibrations of everything that is part of this amazing ecosystem.